About Us

Working in the market of spare parts for railway rolling stock since 1993, BARS LLC has established itself as a reliable supplier of high quality products.

Products: rubber products for passenger cars trucks, passenger car accessories, ceiling fixtures cabin passenger cars, maintenance of alkaline batteries passenger cars, consumer goods production.

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Since 2000, the company develops a new direction, production elements of the interior of carriages made of fiberglass.
Our products are widely used in the interior of the passenger rolling stock of railways of the CIS countries.

Since 2001, LLC "BARS" completes the car-repair enterprises of Ukraine, in 2004 and car-repair business in Moldova.
2006 - the company starts to equip their products new passenger cars, built on a wagon factories of Ukraine.
2006 - the company completes the buildings control panels Electric Locomotive Plant in Ukraine and CIS countries.
2006 - built a new plant with bright spacious workshops, administrative buildings and landscaped area.
2007 - the company begins production of pond basins to create artificial lakes.
2008 - opened a new activity - the production of fiberglass boats (model BARS 300)
2010 - installed painting systems, the technology of coloring plastics.
2011 - built and put into operation new production facilities.
2012 - start of series production models of boats BARS BARS 350 and 400.

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